Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm Very Thankful...............

I don't even know where to start when it comes to listing the things I'm so thankful for! I know that we all have our trials ~ and trust me, I've had my fair share ~ but I still believe that I am one of the MOST Blessed People on the planet! I continue to be amazed at the wonderful life we all have. SO ~ I will try to list a few things I am thankful for! Some are the "typical" answers and some are "cheesy", but, hey ~ it's me.

My faith
I honestly don't know where I would be without my faith that I have a
Heavenly Father that loves me.
My man.
Barry is amazing.
My children.
Cute. Sweet. Happy.
You are an inspiration to all of us of AMAZING endurance!
Great little mom
to my beautiful granddaughters!
Loves to laugh.
Lance II
My boy
A good worker ~ A good man.
Compassionate yet strong.
Can't wait to be a mom
Loving. Kind.
A strong woman.
Always looks at the bright side of life.
Happy. Silly. Loving.
Inside and Out.
Fun loving.
AJ . Shane . Ivan
Thanks for taking care of my daughters.
Mayli Ann
Sent to save us.
Happy. Sweet. Wonderful.
Tori Lynn
Bundle of love.
Funny. Silly. Adorable.
Jaxen Ivan
Can't wait to hold you
my little grandson
Jerry & Gloria Rawlings
Dad & Mom
I love you.
Mel & Vonda Platts
Dad & Mom
I love you.
Alberta Nikolaus
I love you.
Linda Lee
My sister, My friend
Her husband, Jim
My brother, My friend
His wife, Trudy
No better people on earth.
My Family
All of them!
Nieces, Nephews, their spouses, their kids
My friends
You know who you are!
If I start listing, I know I would leave someone off!
Thank you for being my friend
My health
Had it ~ lost it ~ found it
SO thankful for my health
Angel & Buffy
Yes ~ the barking, peeing pups.
I love them too
I love to sing along.
and dance along.
Just ask my kids ~ I embarrass them regularly.
Cookies. Cinnamon Rolls. Cake.
There's nothing like baking to warm your soul
Taking a bath
Love it.
Snug as a bug in a rug
Love it.
Coke. Packed with Ice.
Love it.

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