Monday, March 30, 2009

Can you guess??

Can you guess who's got a little "bun in the oven"?? ('s not me!!)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jaxen's Blessing Day 3-29-2009

JaXeN IvAn HaNcOcK

Cute Little Family
Grandma Nik came!
Uncle Lanny came!
There were lots more family and friends there with us, but Jaxen said, "THAT's ENOUGH PICTURES!!"

Monday, March 23, 2009

Trip to Utah - March 2009

Eating at Panda Bear! Mayli and Tori were so excited to see Grammie! It made my heart so happy! When I first saw Mayli I gave her a big kiss (she always wipes them off) - she looked at me and said, "I'm not wiping your kiss off grammie". What a little sweetheart!

Mayli is sitting in the eye of a dinosaur at University Mall. We played a, well not so much! Maybe that's a good thing!

Tori climbing!

Mayli hanging!

Nikki & AJ went out with friends Friday night, so Mayli & Tori & I went to Old McDonalds for dinner! They played and played and played! And then we ate ice cream! We were very tired!

We went to a Family Farm at Thanksgiving Point - it was A LOT of fun for everyone! Here's Mayli milking a cow! Yeah!
Tori riding a pony! She loved it! NO FEAR!
Mayli riding ALL BY HERSELF! She didn't want anyone to help her!
Tori liked feeding her popcorn to the goats! Then she had a little herself!

Mayli feeding Ritz crackers to the sheep!
Lots of fun at the farm! Natalie and Carson came too! make a great week-end even better, Jen and Ed drove over and went out to lunch with us! And even though Jen had a camera and Nikki had a camera.........we did not get ONE picture! Duh. But it was still great! THANKS JEN & ED PARKER!

Catherine & JP Prom 2009

Megan's Baby Shower!

Thanksgiving 2008

Catherine is 18!

Utah 2008