Tuesday, March 30, 2010


That's right folks. I'm 50. Wow.
Fifty reasons why I don't mind being FIFTY:
(Not in any particular order!!)
1)Mayli, 2)Tori, 3)Jaxen, 4)Cash & 5)Zoe
6) I LOVE being a grammie! 7) According to this book - Lots of people love me!
Thanks. Sincerely. I love you too!
Thanks Nikki!

8) I have a WONDERFUL family!!

9) My BEAUTIFUL sister, and her husband Jim

Her son Brandon and his daughter Bridget

10) I have AMAZING friends!
From left to right: Linda, Me, Penny Comerford, Linda Lopeman,
Trudy Rawlings (holding Dallan), Kathy Fish
11) I got the Rawlings sense of humor.
(Granted - some people don't consider that a blessing!!)
12) I can get away with being a goof-ball!
(I'm not sure how - but I do.)
13) See that cute man in the back ground (Not Mike Fish - although he's cute too)
Barry M. Platts - my man.14) Eegee's. Thanks Bill!!
15) My LOVELY mom. 16) My (missing) dad!
17) My Mom & family that still love me! Thanks for that!!
18) Not pictured: My Platts family that love me now!! - All of you!

19) New love! 2nd chances!!

20) Jen & Ed 21) Nikki & Aj 22) Lanny & Kim
23) Megan & Ivan 24) Jessica & Shane 25) Catherine

My INCREDIBLE children. I love you - each and every one.26) My TERRIFIC brother and his wife, Trudy.
27) Lots of wonderful Nieces & Nephews.
28) LOTS of wonderful great Nieces & Nephews
29) I can be a Primary teacher!
30) I can eat whatever I want to!
31) Whenever I want to!
32) I can go shopping!
33) I have a beautiful home!
34) We just got a new entertainment center AND coming soon..................
35) a new TV :-)
36) I don't have to shave my legs as often!
37) I can have a GARDEN!!
38) I can go to bed at 10:00!
39) I can go to yard sales (like Grannie)!
40) I have a husband that adores me
(I know I already mentioned Barry, but he deserves to mentioned again!!)
41) I have the Gospel and can really appreciate the blessings it brings in my life.
42) I don't have any grey hair yet (I shouldn't have said that out loud.)
43) I know I already mentioned friends, but I have friends that have
been my friends MY WHOLE LIFE! Wow, that's cool.
44) My children that I used to think would NEVER grow up
have grown up. They are my friends. All 6 of them. I love you all.
45) My children that are married have chosen great spouses!
I love you all too!!
46) Family pictures continue to get larger and larger!
47) I'm looking forward to MANY more GRANDCHILDREN!
(Dogs don't count.)
48) I'm looking forward to going on a mission.
49) I'm looking forward to many more birthdays!!
50) I am the most spoiled, lucky, blessed girl on the planet!

I'm thankful to be 50 so I could experience all of these things!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Boy Babies!

Jessica & Cash came down while Catherine was on Spring Break!
We had a lot of fun eating, shopping and playing!
Here's my boys in their new jammies!
They had fun playing together!
Matching outfits!
Love you Cash & Jaxen!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Favorite Sister

Today is my favorite sister's birthday!
(I only have one sister, but I'm pretty sure that if I had more, she would still be my favorite!!)
Linda Lee. I Love You.
This machine. Radiation.
This is what my favorite sister had to do on her birthday.
And every day for the last week and next five weeks.
This machine is her new best friend.
It's killing her nasty tumor.
(The nasty tumor is not my friend.)
I love you my sweet sister
You are the most positive, happy, loving person I know.
This too, shall pass.

Catherine & JP Prom 2009

Megan's Baby Shower!

Thanksgiving 2008

Catherine is 18!

Utah 2008