Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jaxen Ivan Hancock!

Megan & I patiently waiting for the big moment!

Brenda, Ivan & Megan

Ivan was right there the whole time!
Catherine getting a little oxygen!
The moment we've all been waiting for!!

Jaxen Ivan Hancock
January 19, 2009 12:22 am
8 lb. 13 oz. 22-1/2"
Here's dad cutting the cord!

What a sweet little boy he is!
He is SUCH a cute little chuck! We're in LOVE!!
Let's take him home with us!
The Ivan & Megan Hancock Family
I will post more pictures, I promise!! But G'ma Nik's computer is seriously S....L....O....W.....E....R than I can handle!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My beautiful senior! Graduation Day is Wednesday, May 20th, 2009.
Put it on your calendars!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

News Flash!

This just in......................Shane and Jessica are expecting Baby Hamblin! This new addition to our ever growing family is expected to arrive somewhere around the 3rd of September 2009.

Christmas 2008

It all started Christmas Eve with a clogged sink! Barry and Bill made a great pair of plumbers and had it under control in no time at all! Could not resist this picture!

Mom & Dad are always amazed when we come charging in on Christmas morning! There were 29 of us there! We gave Grandma Gloria and Grandpa Jerry an empty scrapbook ~ then one at a time, starting with Aunt Linda, we presented them a page to put in it. Every grandchild had a special page, telling of their fondest memories of their grandparents. It was priceless.
G'ma Gloria said it wasn't very nice of us to make her cry on Christmas! :-)

Barry & I

Nikki & AJ

Lanny & Kim

Lanny made this beautiful manger for me!

Megan & Ivan

No Jessica & Shane ~ they were in Springerville with the Hamblins ~ Lucky Hamblins!

Megan put a big ribbon around her belly ~

Jaxen is our present from her & Ivan! PERFECT!!

Catherine! My baby girl!

Jay! What a handsome guy!

Dan & Lacy!

Cute Dallan!

Sweet Mayli

Sweet Tori

Nikki, AJ & sweet cousins!

Matthew, Melissa & Nathaniel!

Mayli's alway happy to pose for Grammie! Love you, sweet girl!

The Sunday after Christmas, Blake, Kari & Tag came over for dinner!
These little cousins had so much fun together! They loved the dominos!

Tag was trying to get the domino buckled in his shoe!

To top it all off, Barry and I drove to St. George and spent New Year's with his mom and dad. They are the BEST! We had a great time watching football, shopping, eating and of course, Granny kicking my butt in skip bo! It's true!

Pre-Christmas 2008

Nikki, Mayli and Tori flew in on Sunday, December 14! We were SO excited to see them!

These are my angels in front of the Christmas tree.
THAT'S what I want for Christmas!

Mayli LOVED Santa! She told him that he only had to get her 2 presents, because her mom and dad wanted to get her some stuff too! She's a crack up!
Tori................ well, not so much! This is the picture right before she started crying like crazy!
It was classic!
These are the best candy canes EVER!

Aren't these HUGE ornaments the greatest! We loved them!
Not to mention the cutest girls EVER!
Grammie and her sweet grandbabies! Gotta love it!
What a couple of cuties!
This is my new puppy, Maynard! She is pretty silly!

Tori discovered that she could poke stuff through the holes in her pacifier! She looked like this all morning! I wish I had taken a picture of the pencil poking through there too! What a nut!

Catherine & JP Prom 2009

Megan's Baby Shower!

Thanksgiving 2008

Catherine is 18!

Utah 2008