Thursday, June 24, 2010


Wow. One instant can turn your life upside down.
Catherine is on her way home from babysitting the Allen children. Some random lady gets a leg cramp, loses control of her car and the next thing you know she's in the trauma unit of
Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn.
She is a very lucky girl. Looking at the photos of the car it's hard to believe that she didn't break any bones (except for her pinky toe on her right foot).
Poor Susan (the car) didn't make it. We will miss her.
Catherine scared the living crap out of all of us but she is doing well.
She has appointments with a physical therapist, a speech evaluation, a podiatrist and a neurologist. Hopefully we will know more after visiting with all of these!
We are just VERY GRATEFUL to have her here with us and not more beat up than she is.
Thank you Thank you Thank you for your prayers and concern!
It really has been felt and we appreciate it so much!
We love you Catherine Lacy Nikolaus!
You keep hanging in there! :-)
(This picture was the night it happened - she is looking and feeling much better now!)

Catherine & JP Prom 2009

Megan's Baby Shower!

Thanksgiving 2008

Catherine is 18!

Utah 2008