Monday, August 31, 2009

Jaxen prepares for his modeling career!

What are you guys looking at?
Haven't you ever seen a stud like me before?
This is the cutest little guy ever!
He has learned to "scoot" and he ends up all over the place!
This is his favorite pose though! After he scoots for awhile,
he takes a break, puts his little hand on his leg and looks around........!
It's priceless!
How do you like my profile pose?
Jaxen Ivan Hancock
August 25, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mayli starts KINDERGARTEN!

Oh My Gosh!
I am totally NOT old enough to have a GRAND-daughter in school....
Am I??
What a couple of little sweethearts!
I miss you!
Book Bag - check.
New shirt - check.
New pants - check.
New shoes - check.
Super cute smile - check.
Yes, I am ready for school.
Miss Teacher, Are you ready for me??

Mayli turns 5!!

The birthday breakfast
Eggs in a baggie (something new grandpa Barry taught us at the beach!) and fruit!
Mayli's favorite thing!
Grandpa Barry, Grammie and the Birthday Girl!
We love you Miss Mayli!
Mayli & Tori
My 2 beautiful princess girls!
Doin' a little jig with Chuck E Cheese himself!
Grammie & Mayli!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trip to Wyoming

Here are some pictures of our trip to Wyoming in July........ They are in no particular order, pretty much because I have not taken "Blogging for Dumbies" yet!
This is Grannie Platts being carried out to the boat (She is DEATHLY afraid of the water!!)
I had commented that I was too old to be pulled behind the boat in a tube. "I might break something"............... I think those were my exact words. THEN, Barry's 82 year old dad decides that he'd like to give a try!! Well, there went my excuse...............right down the drain! So here we are!! From left to right - Jen (Kip's wife), Barry's dad, Misty, me and Barry!
It was truly the funnest thing I've done in a LONG time!!
Left to right - Kip & Conner, Jen, Grandpa, Hannah (6) and Raegin
Kip & Conner........ Planning the "Great Diaper Caper"
(We'll get you back!)
Dad, Mom and Lori at the Grand Teton Mountains!
Barry, Me, Dad and Mom
Seth, Raegin, Hadley & Emily
Sam I am
Raegin & Max
The Marvelous McCombies
Grandma Colleen & Hannah
Glamorous Hannah Montana!!
Glamorous Cute Chick Elle!
Caleb & Cooper
Boe, making a "Sand Angel"
Boe, Elle, Sam & Conner
Cousins & Friends!
The Fam! We kinda look like a bunch of rednecks, don't we?!
But man, we sure had a bunch of fun!
Barry & his momma!

Catherine & JP Prom 2009

Megan's Baby Shower!

Thanksgiving 2008

Catherine is 18!

Utah 2008